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How Customized Video Stories Can Create Compelling Customer Experiences and Build a Better Business?

Personalized videos are an important mode to reach customers and prospects. The customized video platform improves customer experience and also creates business prospects. Sending traditional videos via email is not adequate to attract customers. The success of video marketing is based on personalization or customization. 

The customers want a personalized experience according to their needs and demands. Hence, personalized video marketing stories are evolving as one of the effective formats for customer engagement and increasing sales. We are discussing how a personalized video platform is creating customer experience and business.

  • Enhancing conversions- A personalized video platform is a great tool for enhancing conversions. Many marketers use video for their content marketing campaigns. The email, when combined with customized video stories, helps to increase customer conversions. The brand managers find improvement in click-through rates. We are discussing certain techniques that will help to get leads. They are mentioned below:
  1. Insert a lead capture form at the beginning of the video.
  2. Use a custom thumbnail with a smile.
  3. Create an entertaining short video.
  4. Instill a sense of trust.
  5. Send customized videos to customers and prospects.
  6. Merging viewership data with marketing automation. 
  • Improve customer engagement– Often, marketers struggle to get noticed for attracting customer’s attention. The people receive many emails and have a short attention span. Hence, marketers have to devise a personalized marketing strategy to build customer engagement and improve customer experience. 
  • When customers or prospects see a personalized video story, they get details tailored to them rather than impersonal content. So, they will show interest in your video story.  
  • Seeing their name, company images, company name in the video attracts the customer’s attention. The brand managers analyzed better email opening rates for inactive recipients. 
  • Also, they found better results with respect to landing pages, more page views, and click-through rates.
  • Personalized video platform connects with customers and increases sales– The personalized video story offers companies the opportunity to connect with the audience and enhance sales. However, the brand managers must implement customized video stories with the below-discussed tips.
  1. Use customized video as an integrated plan compared to stand-alone, especially at the time of the acquisition phase.
  2. Use insight and data for the positive and quick reaction of prospects to the personalized video story.
  3. Send customized stories quickly with the right message so that the prospect can select your service or product.
  4. Remain consistent with mood and concept. The customized video must strike the customer at the right time with the same feel and look. 
  5. Have faith in personal features for adding relevance for the audience and to increase call to action. 
  • Create customer loyalty and trust- The customized video story enables us to deliver a genuine brand experience. It also helps to earn customer trust and loyalty. The customer also exchanges their information with you. 
  • High return on investment via target marketing– It also helps to restructure the marketing strategy if you have a big customer database. Also, companies expect marketers to spend wisely on the limited marketing budget. The campaigns can be executed and planned in a better way with a personalized video platform. 
  • Fast-growing communication networkCustomized video platform is the right marketing tool in this pandemic situation for communicating with existing and new customers. 


A personalized video story is a powerful and strong marketing technique that helps brand managers cut through the clutter. It also helps to connect with current customers and prospects. It also helps the companies to create better customer experience and engagement. The organizations can enhance conversions, foster customer loyalty, and drive sales. 

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