Ideas for Personalized Video

Ideas for Personalized Video – worth a try!

In the last few years, Personalized Videos have proven themselves to be an effective tool for, Marketing, Advertising and Sales, but is that all they can be used for? 

Absolutely not! Personalized Videos are extremely versatile and can be used in a manner of ways to effectively meet your requirements. From being usable at all points of the Sales Funnel to brand establishment, let’s have a look at some interesting ideas for you to implement with Personalized Videos.

  • Promotional Videos
    Whether its B2B or B2C, Personalized Videos can be used to empower your marketing strategy. Integrating your customers’ personal information in strategic locations within the video is bound to get the viewers’ attention and get your video a second glance. These videos are easily shareable via social media platforms and will create more awareness about your brand.
  • Showcase your Brand Values
    Establishing one’s brand is a complex process which depends on many variables. One such variable is establishing brand values that a customer can identify with. Customers want to believe that you can identify their needs and meet them.
    Creating videos that are emotional, authentic, and resonate with your brand’s values which have been personalized for your customers would make them feel included and more connected to your Brand.
  • Build loyalty with ‘Thank You’ videos
    Customers generally think of businesses as emotionless entities. One approach to change this perception is to create and deliver unique, personalized ‘Thank You’ Videos to your customers. Let them know that you value them as more than just a source of income. You can send videos to visitors to your website or premises that have not made a purchase. This small gesture goes a long way in establishing relationships with customers that will endure for a long time.
  • Tell a story – and make the viewer a part of it
    Sometimes, it’s not easy to make a person relate your product or service, which makes the task of establishing a personal relationship much harder. This is especially true for businesses like Financial Institutions, Healthcare Providers, Insurance Companies etc.
    To counter this, you can create a video telling a story, which would be aimed at triggering some sort of emotion from the customer, and then using some of the customer’s data to personalize it in a way that would deeply resonate with them. Feeling like they’re a part of the story would help in getting people to feel more attached to your brand.
  • Festival Greetings
    Sending Holiday Greetings via email or post is fairly common, but has mixed results. With Vidvocal, You can create personalized Holiday Greetings for individual customers en masse.
    It’s best not to make these videos too promotional in essence, and rather just focus on sending a greeting that is heartwarming, emotional and is personal to the customer. It is also a good idea to push your brand’s values through these Holiday Greetings which should further promote loyalty towards your brand.
  • Personalize Videos for Recruitment
    Colleges, Companies looking to hire en masse, organizations looking for volunteers can use Personalized Videos to significantly boost recruitment. There are so many integrable elements that can be personalized in such videos, like placards, moving boxes, wristbands, etc. All of them can be made to appeal to the viewer through personalization and goes to show the versatility of personalized videos.

Set your imagination free with Personalized Video

The ideas listed above are but a small sample of what scenarios it is possible to use Personalized Video for. The key takeaway is that no matter how outlandish or improbable your idea may be, Personalized Video can enable you to set these ideas in motion and achieve desired results.

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