Can Your Business Benefit From Personalized Video Marketing?

Our personalized video platform will provide you with advanced personalization solutions. We are happy to do a small proof of concept video campaign at a reduced cost to help you make this decision. Contact us now, and we will get in touch with you within 24 business hours.

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The Vidvocal Process

Our video personalization software will help you create unique videos that catch people’s attention.

Get Creative

Identify your target customer and connect with the creative team


Ideate and design one or more video template


Run few jobs on the personalized video platform to create personalized customer video


Analyse engagement on personalized content & measure improvement


Omnichannel distribution of personalized video


Integrate data source with the video template

Create Truly Personalized Videos

We tell our customers to not hold back on their imagination and creativity when designing video templates
for their customers. The VidVocal video personalization platform is developed to be modular
and accommodate all sorts of video personalization needs.

Boost your
marketing efforts with
personalized video software from Vidvocal.

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