Personalized Video Platforms

What are Personalized Videos

Personalization is in vogue these days for almost any service or product, be it music apps which are delivering personalized and curated playlists to your ears, Video Streaming apps which personalize recommendations to suit your viewing habits, to custom made vehicles and even simple things like customizing one’s phone.
It’s no surprise that the Marketing world has now adopted personalization as a tool to engage, retain and convert more leads.

The fact of the matter is simple – Nothing grabs a person’s attention as a Video would. They are engaging and preferable to traditional advertising and marketing techniques in most cases. It also helps that videos take far less time to get their point across than images, text or audio advertisements, and the regular person is well aware of this. With the way technology has progressed, 2019 is the best possible time to get into video marketing. We carry powerful multimedia devices that are constantly connected to the internet with us, wherever we go

So why not target this potentially infinite customer base in a manner that can take advantage of the hardware they already have? 

To Personalize or Not to Personalize?

Most marketers and advertisers are already pushing regular video advertisements, and while there are positive results, it can still be improved on.

People tend to tune out everything after the initial encounter – be it Audio, Imagery or even Video. It’s just Human nature. So how do you best take advantage of this tiny window of opportunity?

Personalized Videos.

Personalized videos completely eliminate this possibility. Imagine you’re browsing the internet, and suddenly you see a video with your name on the thumbnail: Would it not pique your curiosity? Would you not want to see what that video unveils?

With Personalized video, marketers and advertisers can reach every person in their audience on a personal, one-to-one basis on a very large scale. Each person would receive a video customized with information unique to them, designed to appeal to their interests and get them to engage with marketers. It can be something extremely simple – like their name, their company name or their company’s logo intermingled at certain critical moments during the video. With Personalized Videos, the audience becomes an integral part of the story as it unfolds in front of them. 

This groundbreaking marketing technique is already showing stellar results, with an increase in email conversion by ~500% or greater!

Can Personalized Video make a difference to Business?

Yes, absolutely! Personalized videos are already making a tangible impact on audience engagement and lead conversions! A decreasing attention span for regular people has led to a decrease in engagement that Personalized videos are capable of nullifying. Personalized videos will stand out from the crowd of simple emails, audio and even traditional

Personalized videos can help your brand present itself as an innovator and help set itself apart from competitors as a company that cares about its customers. 

Personalization – Not just a start, but the key to retaining customers

Personalized Videos are a true long term solution for retaining customer’s for the long term as with them, you can not only engage your audience but also instantly establish a personal relationship with them. You can use Personalized Videos to further this relationship and turn interested parties into loyal customers.
The benefits are endless, and with high-speed internet connectivity virtually everywhere in the world, Now is the best time to look into equipping your marketing team with Personalized Videos to help them achieve their goals. 

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