Why Personalized Video Platform

Who Should Try Personalized Video?

It’s human nature to gloss over information, especially in this day and age when it is constantly fed to us from almost every direction. When encountering a text or image-based advertisement, people generally tend to ignore it, unless they’re already interested in that product.
Keeping that in mind, Video Content is the best way to help build your brand, make unique, personal connections with customers and reach an overall larger audience. To attract a person’s attention, one needs an approach that is creative and ideally, one that can form a bond with a customer.
Recently it has come to light that Personalized Videos are an extremely effective new marketing technique which has shown to increase conversion rates, engagement levels for products and services, and help companies form a bond with their customers. Think about it yourself? Do you not feel happy, or touched if a waiter at a restaurant you’re a regular at or a store clerk remembers your name and some of your preferences? 

Personalized Videos can draw on the very same factors that make you feel these emotions and use them to trigger acknowledgement, relatability and even affection for your brand.

So who should try creating Personalized Videos?

It’s easy to get the impression that creating personalized video would be best suited to those already experienced in the creative industry, or that personalized videos are ideally used to market catchy products only. However, that could not be further from the truth.
Personalized Video making platforms such as Vidvocal are designed in a way so that even those who are not creatively inclined can create unique, high-quality video content. 

  • Enterprises
    Large companies can use this tool to effectively set or change people’s perceptions about their company and to present a more relatable image to their customers. This goes a long way in building brand loyalty.
    With personalized video, enterprises can create a seamless sales funnel which keeps the customer engaged and interested for the long term- which translates into a long term seller-buyer relationship.

  • Small Companies
    For smaller companies, especially ones that are newly established, it can be a challenge to make customers identify their brand, and set it apart from the competition. Personalized Videos can go a long way in establishing relationships with potential customers, as they are far more likely to remember a company that “remembers” them.

    Also, when you’re a small company with a limited budget, it is hard to decide how best to utilize your (usually) limited budget for Sales and Marketing. Personalized Video is an excellent utility which can be used by both the Sales and Marketing teams which can prove to be extremely cost-effective.

  • Individuals
    When it comes individual businessmen or extremely small businesses (Cafe’s, Garages small law firm’s etc.) establishing and maintaining relationships with clients can make or break their business, so Personalized Video – a tool designed to make customers feel valued is a huge asset that cannot be ignored. 

We’ve talked about who can use Personalized, but what exactly can these entities do with Personalized Videos? 

Here are a few verticals which could benefit immensely from Personalized Video:

  • Advertising & Marketing
    Marketers and Advertisers will find that Personalized Videos are an effective tool to help them achieve their goals. When a customer or prospective customer interacts with a Brand’s Personalized Video that has been customized to include some details about the customer, they are quite likely to share and spread the video in their circles and at the very least, keep your brand in their mind.
    These impressions can help any company further its advertising or marketing goals and why Personalized Videos are a must-have tool for Advertising and Marketing.

  • Branding
    Extablishing one’s brand can be a tough ask, especially in this day and age where people have an attention span of only 10 seconds on average. So catching one’s attention and also showing your company’s brand in within that infinitesimally small window is quite difficult. Personalized Videos can help you with branding – by catching the viewers attention as well as establishing a relationship with that customer and promoting your company’s branding – all within the time taken to view a video.

  • Sales
    It may be a little surprising, but Personalized Videos can be an integral part of the sales process, as they have proven to be an effective tool. People usually send unsolicited emails straight to the spam folder, but with Personalized Videos, these emails can quickly turn into leads, which can be followed up by sales’ teams.
    That is just one of the many approaches that show how effective Personalized Video can be for improving Sales.

Get Personal, Get Results!

It’s always good to integrate new technologies to keep customer engagement high, and Personalized Videos are the best way to achieve multiple goals. With these videos, you can simultaneously work on Customer Engagement, Retention, Lead Generation and Branding making Personalized Videos worth the investment. Marketers, Advertisers, Branding and Sales professionals should definitely consider employing this next generation utility to further their goals.

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