Personalized Video marketing for SME

Why Personalized Video Marketing can be a huge boon for SMEs

SMEs (Small and Midsize Enterprises), face many difficult challenges, especially during their initial phase. Simply having a good product is not enough if nobody knows about it. Even if people do hear about a new product or one that fills a specific niche, they would be reluctant to try purchasing products or services from smaller or lesser-known companies.
It’s evident that businesses and companies which are not well established would need some form of marketing, but there are several approaches when it comes to marketing as well, and such companies need to be strategic when it comes to deciding which approaches would yield them the best results considering their limited budgets.

This is where Personalized Video Marketing comes in. It takes an already potent marketing tool (video marketing) and enhances it by adding personalization for each person that views it. With Personalized video marketing, businesses get the benefit of individualised marketing for each customer without having to create separate videos for every existing or potential customer.

This resource-efficient marketing technique can be a boon for SMEs, especially if utilized in an optimal manner. 

Personalized Video – making it work for SMEs

  • Product Awareness – Get people talking about your offerings
    Personalized videos are a great way to get people to understand your products or services. A simple visual demonstration can provide clarity about your products, but with personalization you can add a unique twist to standard videos.
    For small and mid-size businesses or companies, making your offering stand out amongst the crowd and getting your target market to know about it is a tough ask, but with Personalized video platforms like Vidvocal, one can achieve both of these critical objectives, that too on a lower budget.
  • Brand Awareness – Getting people to understand your Company’s values
    SMEs often struggle with establishing their brand. Setting the foundation for what your brand stands for, and getting people to know about it is a tricky task – one which requires time, perseverance and strategy. With Personalized video, you can create videos that have the potential to resonate with customers on an individual basis. This goes a long way in showing your potential customers that you care about them, and add value to your brand.
  • Make your business go Viral
    For smaller organizations, disruptive or viral marketing is sure to be a huge plus. Standing out is necessary, and is easier to achieve with Personalized Video. People are likely to share media that can trigger emotions – it could be something that makes them laugh, or think or even feel sadness.
    With Personalized Video, you can make a bigger impact, as it gives you the chance to involve the customer in your story. These stories can make your company go viral, and for all the right reasons.
  • Analytics can help you choose your next move
    As a platform, Vidvocal provides access to analytics about your video. Users can see how their video is performing – Are people clicking on the CTA’s? Are people watching the entire length of the video? How is the video performing when sent via email?
    This data can provide critical insights into your potential customer base, and help you plan your business’ future with a coherent strategy in mind.
    With Personalized Video, Small businesses and startups can be proactive, not reactive and thus predict their customers’ requirements and cater to them.

Personalized Video – more than just a simple marketing tool

It’s essential for most SMEs, especially those trying to establish themselves, to engage people quickly and make them customers as soon as possible. Personalized videos can help smaller companies quickly achieve multiple objectives. These videos can allow one to work on Lead generation, branding, customer relationship management and much more, which makes them an economically viable solution for virtually any budget.

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