We have certain limitations in regards to your real time personalised placeholders you will setup on the after effects video project. Below we have put together detailed guidelines to help you put together the correct project, which would work on our platform. For questions, you can email us on contact@vidvocal.com

  • There should only be one top level master composition with the name "main"
  • There should be no files for assets which are not used, but part of AEP project
  • There should be no composition which is not used, but part of AEP project
  • Trim the composition to match the duration in the composition settings
  • Ensure the duration of composition is in whole numbers. eg 42.066 seconds composition should be 42 seconds
  • Layer should not have comments.
  • Preferred frame rate is 25, you can go upto 30
  • When packaging and uploading the AE project, make sure to include all fonts in the zip folder.
  • Make sure the AEP project you upload is not dependent on any external plug-ins
  • All editable text layers should be as text objects
  • All assets used such as PSD, AI, Image Files, Movie Files should be optimized in size
  • Real Time Place Holders on the video should be on a layer on the Main Composition
  • There should be a single audio layer on main composition for the entire background audio, name of the layer should be background_audio
  • Real Time Placeholder should ideally be after 10 seconds of video play to avoid initial loader to be seen
  • No two composition should be of the same name
  • Layer Name should not have dot in it
  • Source Text Property of Text Layer should have animation. Explaining Further,
  • Source text Property of any classic or realtime variable layer should not have key frames as the code cannot replace the value of source text if there are key frames
  • All real time placeholder layers can only have opacity, scale, position and rotation animations.
  • Real Time Placeholder layer can have a parent layer, but that parent layer should not have further parent layers
  • Making Clickable Area - Make a shape object on main composition and give it a name "Clickable Area" and mark layer visibility as false.
  • When you make a image variable, it should be named ending with -(widthxheight).file extension. For example Image with name pic.png of width 400, height 300 should be named as pic-(400x300).png
  • File Naming: Any file name should not have ' or + characters.

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