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What is the difference between Pre Rendering and Real Time Engine ?

In our Pre Rendering Engine a personalised video is created on our servers and stored on S3, before an email is sent to the customer. In Real Time Engine, the video is generated on the fly when the user clicks on a url to watch a video.


Pre Rendering Engine is best suited for complex video personalisation such as showing charts or other personalised animated information. The process of making such videos is also time consuming and you have to wait for the video’s to be ready before you run a marketing campaign.


Real Time Engine is best suited for text, image and audio personalisation with basic animations such as fade, rotation and position.

I have a video template of my own, can I set up on your system to do mass marketing ?

Yes you can. All we need is a After Effects Project file, which has objects marked up as variable for replacement. A typical time period for setting up the template could be a few hours to a couple of days based on the amount of changes needed to be done on the After Effects Project File for it to be production ready.

Why is Pre Rendering Video Engine more expensive than Real Time Engine ?

For Pre Rendering Videos, irrespective of the user watching the video it has to be created and stored on our cloud infrastructure, hence it is more expensive.

For how long is my video url active ?

Your video url is active for 30 Days from the date of creation. Upon 30 days the URL expires and any created video is removed from our servers.

Can the user download his copy of the Video ?

When the video ends, the user is prompted with an option to download his copy. He is required to enter his email address on which he would receive his copy of the video.

Can I embed Video into my Email Campaign ?

Yes, we provide you with an embed code and video urls which you can embed in your email and sms marketing campaigns.

How can I reach out for more help?

You can email us on support (at) Our response time is in most circumstances 1 business day.

What are the different type of video personalizations supported ?

We support two types of video personalisations, one which we call real time personalisation and the other is location based real time personalisation.


In real time personalisations, our system will generate one link per recipient (your customer/contact). In this you can personalise text, image and audio on the video. For example your customer name Robin will see his name on the video he opens, whereas your other customer Shane will his name when he opens the same video.


In location based real time personalisations, it is the same video link which is sent across all your customers/contacts and based on the location they open the video the content of video is personalised. In this you can personalise text, image and audio on the video. For example your customer in Las Vegas would see the local contact information in the video and your customer in New York would see a different contact information which is local to New York.


There is also the option to mix the above two types of personalisation in the same video.

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