Privacy Policy

At Vidvocal we make sure that your personally identifiable information is secure and used only for the required purposes. The software operates under two modes namely protected mode and secure mode. In protected mode no PII information is stored within the software and in secure mode the information which you provide is stored within our database. 


The aim of this policy is to elaborate our privacy systems for processing your personally identifiable information on our personalized video service and any associated services, on the Vidvocal website, registration/contact channels (henceforth known as the “Service”)

It should be noted that the website may be operated on servers situated in Asia Pacific and elsewhere. Kindly be aware that any information that you provide to Vidvocal (including personal information (Name, Email Address, Phone Number etc.) will be used to produce videos in India and elsewhere. The input data is stored as per user preference and the mode in which the software is being operated. 


By using our website and our services, you unconditionally and irreversibly consent to the processing, transfer and use of such information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Vidvocal accepts responsibility for the protection of your personal information to the extent you share with vidvocal in accordance with applicable privacy laws and regulations. The user of the software needs to make the correct choice of data storage in his preferences.  




Vidvocal uses “cookies”, gifs, videos and similar technologies.

We will collect (Including the usage of third party web analytics systems) usage information about the time spent, type and manner of usage of the Service. This information can include content created by you, advertisements or information that you read, offers and services related to the platform that you displayed interest in, web pages that you visited, your Internet Protocol (IP) Address, your computer’s physical location and more.
Vidvocal occasionally receives information about customers from third party sources which may be used to enhance the platform and our solution. The collection and usage of this data is overseen by the privacy policy and legal terms of the relevant Third-party data collector as well as the website using said data, and not by Vidvocal’s privacy policy. 



Vidocal will store the information provided by you and that which is collected by us about your activity on the website.
Vidvocal reserves the right to use said information for the following purposes:


  • To provide the website and enable your usage
  • To improve and scale the platform and the associated content offered on the website and to create new services and content in accordance to the requirements and expectations of the website’s users and to remove or modify existing platform-related services as well as content. The information used by us will be mostly statistical and will not be personally identifiable.
  • To analyze and supply statistical information (this information will not identify you personally) to relevant third parties. 
  • To get in contact with you when Vidvocal believes it is necessary for administrative, security or technical purposes.
  • For the proper development and operation of the Vidvocal platform or website.
  • To contact you should anyone in your organization request product information or a demonstration.
  • To occasionally contact you, either by Vidvocal or via a third party acting on our behalf about the platform and related products and services. Vidvocal will only contact you regarding new or updated products and services should you permit us to do so. You may withdraw/revoke your authorization for us to contact you at any time and you may also choose to unsubscribe from our mailing lists at any time.
  • For any other purpose that is specified in this Privacy Policy or/and in our Terms of Service



Vidvocal shall not transfer your personal details or any details collected regarding your activities on the website (Provided that such details and information can identify you personally) to any third party, except in the following cases or as mentioned otherwise in the Privacy Policy:


  • If it is reasonably believed by us that you have breached our Terms of Service, or have violated your rights in using the platform and/or the website or have performed any act that is reasonably believed by us to be in violation of any applicable law, regulations or rules. In such a case, Vidvocal may share your information with the relevant Law enforcement and other competent authorities and with any third party as required to handle any outcome of your illicit activity.
  • In any case where it can be reasonably believed by us that sharing information is deemed necessary to prevent damage to your person or property or the property or person of any third party.
  • If it is reasonably believed by us that it is required by law to share your information in order to prevent, investigate or take appropriate action regarding illicit activities. Additionally to establish or exercise our legal rights or to defend against legal claims.
  • In any case of legal proceeding or dispute of any sort between you and Vidvocal, or between you and other users or third parties in relation with the Platform and/or the Website.
  • Your personal information may be disclosed as permitted or required by lawful requests by appropriate local law enforcement agencies or regulatory agencies or those agencies responsible for overseeing and enforcing national security.
  • We may share personally identifiable information as well as information pertaining to your usage of the website or platform with companies, organizations or agencies affiliated with Vidvocal, with the express provision their usage of this information must comply with this privacy policy.
  • Vidvocal is entitled to share anonymous, aggregative or statistical with companies affiliated to Vidvocal, as well as suppliers, advertisers, business partners or any third party as per our discretion. However, Vidvocal will not willingly or deliberately disclose your identity to the aforementioned entities without first receiving your consent for the same.
  • If Vidvocal organizes the functioning of this platform within a different framework or through another legal entity or is merged with or acquired by another entity provided those entities agree to be bound by the clauses entailed in this Privacy Policy


You can unsubscribe from our mailing lists or newsletters at any time by sending us a request to opt-out at – opt-out (at)

You may stop using the Vidvocal website at any time. The termination of your subscription to our services is subject to the Vidvocal Terms and Conditions or your subscription agreement with us.

Should any of our customers have uploaded content to our service with information that can be classified as personally identifiable for your person, then you can contact our customer who uploaded said content and request to remove the aforementioned personally identifiable information.


You may exercise the following opt-out options at any time:

  • Raise objection to the disclosure of your personally identifiable information to a third party, save for third parties which are acting as our agents to perform tasks on our behalf as instructed by us
  • Raise objection to the usage of your personally identifiable information for a purpose that is completely different from the objective which we originally collected said information, pursuant to this policy, or you subsequently authorized such usage. You may exercise your choice on this matter by contacting us.


Vidvocal requests for and collects personally identifiable information that we require for the purposes described in this policy. Following the expiration or termination of the service, Vidvocal will stop the collection of any personally identifiable information from or about you.



Should there be any changes to your personally identifiable information, or if you no longer wish to use and access the Vidvocal website, you can correct, delete, update or deactivate your information by contacting us at –  contact (at) Vidvocal will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate such requests, but depending on the circumstances, it may not be possible for us to agree to it. In such a case, Vidvocal reserves the right to refuse your request to change personal information in Vidvocal’s records. You may be asked to verify your identity and provide certain details before we proceed on any request made by you.



The Vidvocal website includes certain social media features and integrations. These components may collect certain information, such as which page you are visiting, your IP Address and may set cookies to enable these components to function properly. Social Media features are usually hosted by third parties or directly on the website. Any interaction you may have with these components is governed by the privacy policy of the agency providing it.




Vidvocal and associated hosting services implement applications, procedures and systems to ensure that your personally identifiable information is secure, and to minimize the risks of damage, theft, unauthorized access or loss of information.

Vidvocal enacts these measures to provide industry-standard security. While we make efforts to secure your privacy, we cannot guarantee that the website, platform or service will be completely immune from any malpractice, malfunction, illicit attempts at access or other forms of abuse and misuse. 

Should a security breach (which poses a risk to data privacy) occur despite our security measures, we will intimate the relevant person or entity affected, as well as the relevant authorities when required by applicable data protection and privacy laws, as soon as reasonably possible.




A Cookie is a text file that is stored by your web browser which allows Vidvocal or a third party to identify you.

Session cookies are removed by your device once you terminate your browser session. Persistent cookies stay on your device for a longer time period.

Vidvocal uses both types of cookies. We use persistent cookies to remember your login credentials and make it easier for you to log in the next time you visit our website or service. Vidvocal uses both Persistent and Session cookies to facilitate the usage of our Services and tools and to improve the overall user experience with our service. 

Most browsers allow you to change your cookie preferences. You can delete or block certain cookies. However, blocking or deleting cookies can impact your Vidvocal experience and may prevent you from using certain features.