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How is Personalized Video Shaping the Future of Marketing?

An average smartphone user watches about 70 minutes of video every day. That is a huge consumption, and therefore to stand out, personalized video is key. The idea is simply to make the individual feel recognized by adding that personal touch. After all, customers are more likely to shop from brands that provide super-relevant offers and recommendations. This blog covers the importance and benefits of personalized video marketing and the simple methods that corporations use to implement personalized videos in their marketing strategies.

This blog covers the importance and benefits of personalized interactive video marketing and the simple methods that corporations use to implement personalized videos in their marketing strategies and why to create personalized videos to impact the branding.

What is personalized video marketing?

Personalized video marketing is the act of leveraging data to market videos to a specific customer or group of customers. We have all experienced personalized videos. The most perfect example of personalized marketing is the one that Facebook keeps hitting us with. We know for a fact that Facebook knows how to retain its users damn well. Their “walk down the memory lane” personalized video concept is brilliant. Who would not want to visit their good memories?

There are many levels of personalization. Sometimes a video will feature photos, names, and locations of specific people. It can sound very complicated and tedious, but it is fairly simple thanks to the advanced tools. Sometimes, just adding a personalized intro is enough. That is enough to make the rest of the video feel personal.

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Benefits of Personalized Interactive Video in marketing strategies

With tons of corporations using videos as a marketing tool, it is natural for ads to get overshadowed. Corporations spend billions of dollars on making mildly relevant videos without realizing that it is highly inefficient. In spite of all this, a video marketing strategy still happens to be a very effective marketing strategy. That’s what makes personalized video marketing so special. 

It combines two of the most effective and popular marketing strategies – personalized marketing and video marketing. We have seen significant growth in customer engagement due to personalized video marketing. 

Another huge benefit of personalized video is its ambidexterity. It works beautifully in almost every situation. It can be made to work wonders in both B2B and B2C situations if tailored properly.

How Can You Scale Your Personalized Video Marketing Strategy?

Personalized video sounds difficult and expensive, but it is actually relatively easy and cost-effective. Some multiple platforms and tools can allow you to create thousands of personalized videos using existing information (like images, customer names, addresses) pulled directly from your database.                                                              

Both Amazon and Netflix are simple examples of personalization done on a large scale. Both platforms are huge, but when you log in to your account, they feel small. You see what Amazon and Netflix, from analyzing your data, think you want to see.

The main requirement though is data. Data is not hard to find as it sounds. Just knowing what your customer purchased is enough data to make personalized videos. At least now, your videos won’t have that over-cliché generic intro. 

In Conclusion:

With the growing demand for videos from businesses to outshine, personalized videos are a perfect way to engage with your target audience. It is still a nascent and unexplored industry with massive potential, and implementing it in your marketing strategy must keep you one step ahead of the competition. 

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