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Top 5 Reasons a Marketer should opt for Personalized Videos

Businesses often have a reputation for being unemotional and just being a company with which one can trade or make a deal of some sort. Many companies have been trying for decades to change this perception and to get people to think of them as more than just a company. Companies like Coke, Nestle, Pepsi have spent millions on marketing and advertising aimed at giving their brand a personality. That strategy has proven itself somewhat effective, but is not a viable solution for most brands or companies, especially those with budget constraints.

Does that mean there is no solution for companies looking to establish their brand without spending millions on advertising and marketing?

Absolutely not! Over the last year or so, an extremely effective marketing tool known as Personalised Videos have taken the marketing world by storm. These videos allow companies to create context-based videos and personalize them on-the-fly based on their customer’s personal information.
With Personalised Videos, businesses can target their customers via the most effective medium available, one that is far more engaging than simple imagery, text and audio advertising. Personalized Videos have an element of uniqueness about them, and can be integrated with information designed to capture each individual person’s attention. 

That being said, Here are the top 5 reasons why a Marketer should opt for Personalised Videos:

  • Higher Retention and Conversion rates
    Personalized Videos are almost guaranteed to improve your Retention and Conversion rates, and have proven themselves to be a far more effective medium than others for capturing a viewers attention and are capable of getting your point across to almost every sort of audience.
    Personalised Videos have shown themselves as an effective tool for increasing conversion rates as well. Research states that over 70% of marketers Video Conversion rates outperform other marketing content, which should make them the de-facto choice for companies looking to make an immediate impact.
    These videos have also made a marked impact on improving email marketing conversion rates. Generally, people send marketing emails straight to the spam folder but Personalised Videos embedded in emails have had a far higher conversion.

  • Engage users more effectively
    One of the hardest tasks in marketing is engaging one’s audience, especially for a sustained period of time. For the longest time, it was the duty of marketers to engage their target customer base with walls of text or images, which were not very effective. Personalised Videos has virtually resolved this issue, as videos are far more likely to attract the viewer’s attention. With Personalised Videos, users get to be a part of the story, rather than just view it as an outsider. This goes a long way in making them appreciate your videos, and make them more likely to engage with you down the line.

  • Streamline & Personalise the sales process
    As evident by the name, Personalized Videos allow you and the customer to embark on a unique, customized video journey, allowing you to entertain and truly engage with that particular customer.
    Personalized Videos can be easily integrated with almost any platform to suit one’s marketing strategy. This can greatly streamline processes across your organization, and can even be used for purposes within one’s company.

  • Sell your brand values more effectively!
    An extremely important aspect of Personalized Video is that they can help you sell your brand, your ethos and your culture to customers in an extremely effective manner. These videos allow you to show that the customer and your brands’ values align in the same direction, which would make them feel a personal connection.
    An added benefit is that any person that enters a web environment that has been customized for them is more likely to engage with that product or service and is more likely to make purchases.

  • Get your users sharing yours (and theirs!) content
    Word-of-mouth is a fantastic way to spread awareness about your brand, but most people are not going to share the usual promotional videos – It’s not that easy! On the other hand, when a video is Personalized and has thoughtful additions that are unique to each user, they are far, far more likely to share your videos. So go ahead, Be creative! Be Personal! Get people curious, and in return, they’ll share and spread yours (and theirs!) videos!

Let’s face it – Marketing or Advertising is not a Zero-Sum Game. There’s no surefire path to success and finding the strategy which resonates with your target customers may need some trial and error and may be dependant on factors not in your hands. However, with Personalized Videos, you can greatly minimize these issues, as this approach is designed from the ground up to tug at people’s emotions and get them to feel something for your brand. It may not be a guaranteed path to success, but it is quite likely to make an impact. So any marketer should definitely opt for Personalized Videos to spearhead their marketing strategy!

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