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Personalized Video vs Standard videos: When should you opt for Personalization?

Marketing and Advertising have been faced with several challenges for a few years now. Ad-blockers and spam filters continue to add to a large user-base which is severely affecting both ad impact and revenue. Not to mention that the regular person has gotten quite accustomed to generic advertisements presented over audio, video, image or text and often zone out when they come across these ads. This has made the job of a typical marketer or advertiser much more difficult.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, as over the last few years an extremely tool known as Personalized Video has become extremely popular and have proved themselves to be of immense value to marketers and advertisers globally.

So, what are Personalized Videos?

As the name implies, Personalized Videos are a unique take on traditional videos that Advertisers and Marketers have been using to target customers so far. Personalized Videos allow you to take information about a potential client such as their name, their workplace, their hometown, or even their picture and include these details within the video itself. But how does one customize a video for potentially millions of customers? That’s where Vidvocal comes in. Vidvocal is a platform which allows you to create personalized videos for hundreds of thousands of customers in an extremely short timeframe. This not only saves a lot of time and effort, by sparing you the need to individually craft videos for each customer, but also drastically reduces the costs associated with creating traditional marketing/advertising videos. Personalized Videos also allow you to add information, data or statistics on the fly that would be relevant to the customer. This lends an unparalleled level of versatility and dynamism to a medium that has traditionally been static.

That’s not to say that traditional videos used by advertising have no place anymore. A well-produced, directed and targeted Standard video can have a measurable impact and still help Marketers and Advertisers reach their goals.

When and Why should one opt for Personalized Videos?

  • Personalized Videos can be used in all stages of the Sales Funnel
    A major attribute of Personalized Video is its versatility when it comes to usage. Whether it is Advertising, generating or closing leads, or even maintaining relationships with clients’ post-sales, Personalized Videos have proven themselves to be more effective than traditional techniques at achieving their goals.

  • Any Industry can use Personalized Video
    Personalized Videos can be integrated on just about any platform and can be used to target potential customers in almost any industry – Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Advertising and Marketing, Fashion and more. These videos can be used to target end-users as well as to establish inter-company relations by focusing on key decision makers.

  • More effective at achieving their goals
    As per several studies, Personalized Videos have shown an improvement between 10 – 30% when compared to traditional methods when it comes to Prospecting, Sales, Customer Success and have led to a quicker resolution time when used for post-sales support as well.
    This goes to show that Personalized Videos are extremely effective at achieving their targets, and are extremely versatile when it comes to usage and placement – be it within emailers, on websites or on social media.

  • High Production Value at a lower overall cost
    There’s no denying the impact of a well-produced traditional video, and they are very useful in limited scenarios (e.g. TV Advertisements). However, these videos target the audience as a whole, not as an individual. If you try and create unique videos for each individual person (visitor, viewer, client etc.) then the associated costs would be incredibly high.
    To fill this need. Vidvocal offers extremely high-quality, Enterprise-Grade videos which can be scaled depending on the number of potential clients or visitors. The best part, these videos can be shared easily on devices on which people spend most of their time these days (Laptops and Smartphones), and can be easily shared on Social Media.xz

Give Personalization the go ahead!

It’s quite clear that Personalized Videos offer tangible benefits irrespective of what industry or field they are used in, especially for those in the Marketing and Advertising departments. They provide considerable cost savings leading to a higher Return on Investment in a shorter time frame.

Opting for Personalized video can help you establish your brand, help further your relationship with customers, and create a lasting positive impression for your company making them an option that any business, large or small, should consider.

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